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  • Frodo's work has helped my father (95 years old in 2012), who has been seeing him for several years. He looks forward to his visits. -S.A
  • My girls (9 and 11 years old) love visiting Frodo. They especially enjoy his acupressure. One daughter called it her "off button". -T.W.
  • My son had incredible relief and much acclerated healing time after surgery. Thanks, Frodo -A.C.
  • Mom, who is now 98 (2012), has seen Frodo since she was 70. She loves joking with him and recieving his healing touch. -P.V.
  • I go to Frodo's massage to wind down, and reintegrate. He has an incredible ability to make me feel balanced and myself again. I always leave feeling everything is okay. This lasts for weeks. Thanks again! -R.A.
  • I'm a long distance runner. Before a race, Frodo does a special massage that really increases my lung capacity. After a race he easily works out the knots. -S.S.
  • I'm 89 years old. Once after having a few visits to Frodo's,I had an appointment to help me relax. I had been worried about my husband's health. I must have had a number of other worries on my mind as well. I don't remember - when I layed on his table I started to feel like I was dying. Frodo held my hand and talked to me a bit about what I was feeling. He helped me slow my breathing and we discussed my religious beliefs. Within a short time I felt normal - It turned out to be a panic attack. I have never had one since. -A.P.
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