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My parents were the children of pioneers. As farmers living miles from the nearest emergency,

medical facility, we relied on our own first aid. This was sometimes applied in life threatening

situations. This self reliance on basic medicine fostered my early interest in healing. My

grandmother had a well known ability to intuit when friends and family were in need. People who

knew her talked about her healing hands. My mother also shared this ability. My college

education focused on biology and anthropology. As I grew older I studied herbal medicine, and

then acupressure and massage. These modalities helped me with back injuries from physical

labor on the farm.

As I studied massage and practiced on hundreds of clients, the exchange of energy between

myself and my clients became more apparent. My subsequent studies have underscored the

importance of human touch and the wonderful healing that takes place when trust and care is

apparent in a session.

The alternative healing field has hughly expanded since I started studying it in 1972. We are

taking ancient knowledge and adding current science to expand this field at an ever expanding

rate. I have never stopped my studies and indeed consider each new client an opportunity to

learn more about healing. I'm thankful for my gifts and really enjoy working with people.


We are all in this boat called life, together. We need one another's help to  heal ourselves and

our society. In my practice, I strive to be non judgemental of peoples traumas and health

challanges. The best way to approach work on a client is to listen carefully to there needs at

our interview, and continue to listen to their bodies while working with them. How else can one

heal another without listening? 

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